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Design of shopping centers

Our society is often called a consumer society. Today, various trade objects are opened much more often than theaters or museums. However, if there is a demand, thus the supply will also be here. It does not mean that the design of such objects is easy and can be done carelessly.

We do not divide orders into important and not so important. Today, hundreds and even thousands of people visit shops, hyper- and supermarkets, shopping and shopping & entertainment centers every day. So, it means that our task is to provide them not only with good mood and comfort, but also with complete safety. Moreover, the requirements for their construction from the certain structures are very high.

Why is it necessary to contact our design organization to build a shopping center?

Of course, it is difficult to imagine that someone would dare to design and build such a serious facility on his own. Nevertheless, even for very frugal and suspicious people we can prove that the project is not a worthless spending of your budget. Moreover, one of the goals of the design organization "Basic Project" ltd. is to save as much money for every client as possible.


And this is real, since we initially calculate all possible risks and costs. Even at an early stage, pricing is transparent, fixed in the project documentation, and every nuance is fully agreed with the client.


The process of contractor’s finding, purchasing building materials and architectural supervision of the actions of a construction organization excludes unplanned or deliberate waste of your funds.


Our company assume all the bureaucratic red tape connected with obtaining permits and other documentation from the state.


We can easily solve all possible problems that accompany the design of shopping centers, their construction and commissioning.

Features of the shopping center design

Shopping center is the most sophisticated shopping facility in its niche. Due to its diversity, it requires a variety of design and technological solutions that we have been providing for several years:

We carefully calculate benefits from the location of the future construction. We also take into account the required number of entrances and exits, a sufficient number of parking spaces, distance from the public transport stops and the comfort for people to reach them without a car, etc.

Before starting the design work, we try to achieve full mutual understanding with the client. At an early stage, it is important for us to know what kind of retail outlets and of what quantity will be located inside, because the layout of a cafe, cinema or a branded clothing store are not similar to each other.

Planning of internal infrastructure and the most beneficial functional zoning will allow you the efficient use of the square meters and the reduction of the cost of their further maintenance and service.

We take into account the possibility to use all the available areas to the maximum: roofs, basements, open areas and adjacent territories.

We carefully calculate all engineering solutions, considering their safety for visitors and the environment.

We strictly adhere to fire safety standards: we think over possible options for evacuating people, ventilation and alarm systems. We comply with the necessary sanitary and epidemiological standards even at the design stage.

We resolve all issues with structures and departments by ourselves. We know exactly what is needed now so that in the future no one can claim against your business.

And as for any other object, we develop all the pre-project and project documentation.

We will reduce to a minimum the construction time by using the latest technologies in design and strict control over the activities of the contractors.

We will completely get you out of the necessity to resolve issues with the government agencies or the contractor. We do our work on a turnkey basis.

Our main goal is to see the future building through the eyes of the customer. Have you made up a global project, but don't know how to realize it in reality? We will make your wildest dreams tangible, and this reality will meet all your needs and all consumer wishes.

Want to order a project, but still have unanswered questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at +375(17)308-79-41 or fill out the form below.

Cost and terms of design work


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Why we?

The work of "turnkey"

- Provision of options for building plots;
- Engineering services;
- Design;
- Construction;
- Financial instruments of construction;
- Legal support of construction;
- Certification of imported technological equipment.

Highly qualified staff

Thanks to the number of employees and their expertise, we solve the tasks in the shortest possible time. Expert solutions in the design, allows you to effectively spend money for construction, thus saving considerable budgets.

Business processes

We have implemented and operate ERP and CRM systems in our company, which can significantly reduce the project implementation time and simplify communication with the customer


We offer accurate pricing and flexible payment options

Any questions? Make call!

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State Enterprise "UKS of the Frunzensky District of Minsk city"

“The State Enterprise "UKS of the Frunzensky district of Minsk expresses its gratitude to OOO "Basic project". The project was completed with high quality, on time and in accordance with the technical legal acts of the Republic of Belarus. OOO "Basic Project" has shown a high level of professionalism and good organization of work.”

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OAO "Peleng"

“OAO "Peleng" expresses its gratitude to the employees of OOO "Basic Project" for the work performed on the development of pre-project (pre-investment) documentation. The design work of the facility was carried out at a high professional level in full and in compliance with all the required deadlines. OOO Basic Project can be considered as a reliable and experienced design partner.”

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ISUP "Beijing Uni BelConstruction Group"

“ISUP "Beijing Uni BelConstruction Group", expresses gratitude and appreciation to OOO "Basic project" for the timely and high-quality implementation of design work. OOO "Basic Project" showed an effective organization of the production process, competence, individual approach and flexibility in resolving non-standard situations. The work of OOO Basic Project meets high technological requirements and ensures the completion of the facility on time.”

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ООО "Game World Limited"

“ OOO "GameWorld Limited" expresses its gratitude to OOO "Basic Project" for the development of design documentation, completed on time and at a high professional level.”

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RUP «Izdatel'stvo «Belblankavyd»

“RUP "Belblankavid" Publishing House expresses gratitude to you and your employees for organizing and conducting design and survey work in relation to general construction, engineering and finishing works. During the design and survey work, the design organization OOO "Basic Project" demonstrated optimal professionalism, high qualifications of performers , technological literacy and proper quality of work.”

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ZAO "Yunifud"

“ZAO "Unifud" expresses its gratitude to the employees of OOO "Basic Project" for the work performed on the development of design documentation. All work was performed in compliance with building codes, rules and regulations. ZAO "Unifud" recommends this company as a reliable partner for the implementation of design work to other organizations.”

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OOO "Viber Media"

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“"CITIC CONSTRUCTION Co., LTD" expresses its gratitude to OOO "Basic Project"”

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OOO «Kompaniya «Russkij les»

“With this letter OOO «Kompaniya «Russkij les» addresses the employees of the design organization OOO “Basic project” with gratitude and sincere respect.”

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OOO «Atrioni»

“OOO "Atrioni" expresses gratitude to the employees of OOO "Basic Project" for the work performed on the development of design documentation for the object”

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