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Reconstruction of objects

Reconstruction of objects is a broad concept that implies a complex of construction and restoration works of industrial, residential, administrative and other buildings.

When reconstruction is needed

As a rule, the reconstruction is needed when buildings:

  • • have great physical deterioration or obsolescence;
  • • do not meet with safety requirements, building codes, desired technical and economic indexes, etc.;
  • • have lost their functional purpose and should be upgraded for a new type of activity.

What design gives

One of the main stages preceding the construction and restoration work is the development of design documentation. It allows to reduce financial costs, ensure the reliability and safety of the building, find optimal solutions to the tasks and eliminate errors in the construction process.

The development of the reconstruction design is a process which involves a large number of complex engineering calculations. Therefore, it is only possible to entrust professionals, such as specialists of our company.

The Basic Project company has an SRO permit to perform such work. We are ready to develop and agree your projects for the reconstruction of industrial, public, administrative and other facilities. We will develop your design in the shortest time possible and taking into account all existing regulatory documents.

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