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Engineering networks

Creation of engineering networks is an integral stage in the construction of any buildings and structures. It’s impossible to connect the object to ventilation, electrical networks, water supply, heating and gas supply systems without them.

The way communications are laid directly effects on the safety, comfort and productivity of a person's being in a building. Our company carries out project development, renovation, installation, modernization, inspection and dismantling of engineering networks. You can order these services as a complex set or separately. Experience of our specialists, quality of the used equipment and technology allow us to guarantee our clients the correct operation of external and internal engineering networks.

The complex set of communications and structures that is developed and renovated by our company, includes:

  • • transformer substations;
  • • heating system;
  • • hydraulic engineering complexes;
  • • pumping, sewage and gas distribution stations;
  • • outdoor lighting of the construction site;
  • • house electrical networks;
  • • water supply and sewerage;
  • • heating systems;
  • • ventilation and air conditioning;
  • • cable and telephone systems.

When designing engineering networks, specialists of the "Basic Project" take into account all the wishes and requirements of the customer, study the schemes and construction plans, and then draw up draft and technical designs. All the documentation is thoroughly verified and reconciliation of calculations are made at every stage. When necessary, the company's employees visit the site to find out possible problems that may arise in the process of developing the engineering network project. These actions ensure the proper level of system security and reduce the risk of emergency.

We carry out the whole set of activities of the design and creation of engineering networks in the shortest time possible. We guarantee our customers the quality and reliability of the developed engineering networks!

You can order a part or a complex set of the engineering network design and construction by filling the form on the website, or by calling us at +375(17)308-79-41

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