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Design work

Design work is not only the design of new objects but also the reconstruction of the existing ones. No one building can be built or restored without a project. And even if to risk, the result will be disastrous in 99.9% of cases. Project is not just a beautiful picture and 3D graphics that allow you to evaluate the interior and exterior of the future structure. And that is very important to understand, especially if we are talking about the design of residential, public, administrative, industrial and other serious buildings. Just imagine a skyscraper, which is being built without a clear plan, by guesswork. And now can you imagine a metro station, CHP, school or airport? So can't we.

Let’s talk more specifically about why you need a project. It gives:

  • • the opportunity to get a building project that will satisfy you with its appearance, reliability and functionality due to our long-standing experience in construction,
  • • savings in your time, efforts and nerves, since we receive all approvals and permits for the construction by ourselves,
  • • most of the questions from the state and various supervisory bodies to be disappeared. For example, project is needed for registering real property, and it considerably simplifies its insurance,
  • • you a total control over all stages of construction, material consumption, timing of work and others. The contractor will no longer be able to fraud you.
  • • cost savings due to the transparency of expense, initially written in the project documentation,
  • • an operational readiness of the building, including all possible engineering networks (heating, gas, electricity, sewerage, ventilation, communications, etc.),
  • • a pre-developed plan that prevents you from making mistakes during the construction process. It means that you are automatically insured against the costs of error elimination.

How do we prepare a project?

At our work, we are always guided by the comfort and safety of future buildings based on the latest technologies. No matter for us what to build: a small store or a multi-stored shopping center, a five-star hotel or a retirement home. Main conditions are to get the best result for a reasonable price and time for the client, and to feel oneself comfortable and protected inside for everyone who will enter this building.

We will prepare everything from scratch, on a turnkey basis, and at a speed that does not compromise the quality. Many years of experience proved that it’s possible to work well and quickly at the same time. The professionalism of our team and the use of an engineering approach allow us to achieve tangible savings of the customer's budget. We will provide the effective management of the project cost during the construction phase, as well as optimize the timing of design, construction and installation operations.

The design work includes:

  • • providing options of plots for the construction,
  • • sketches of the future buildings and design solutions,
  • • comprehensive design of engineering surveys,
  • • passing all the necessary approvals and examinations,
  • • development of design and budget documentation,
  • • registration of allotments of land and forest plots,
  • • development of new technological processes,
  • • application for the purchase of building materials,
  • • analysis of the effectiveness of client’s investment.

Our portfolio contains only few examples of our projects.

Industrial and civil engineering is what our friendly team has been dealing with since the late 2007. Tell us your idea, and we will translate it into reality very soon, the reality that will be made of glass and concrete. Have you already been ready to order a project, but still have unanswered questions? Feel free to call us at: +375(17)308-79-41 or fill out the form below.

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