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  • Object name:

  • Construction object name:
    "Multifunctional shopping center in Borovlyany village"

  • The address:
    Malinovskaya street, 2B, village Borovlyany, Minsk region, Belarus

  • Square of the object:
    5722 м²

  • Customer:
    OOO «Vneshekonomstroj»

  • Completed work:
    Architectural and construction project

  • Timing:
    01.05.2018 -01.12.2018

Completed work

The project provides for the construction of a shopping center in the village of Borovlyany with a total area of ​​5722m2. The total length of the utilities to be laid (power supply, water supply, water disposal, gas supply) to ensure the functioning of the shopping center is about 10 km. To reduce the design and construction time, the project was developed using BIM, Autodesk Revit, Tekla Structures, Civil 3D. The design period was 6 months, taking into account the receipt of the conclusions: state construction expertise and state environmental expertise. The construction period is 1 year. To improve the transport service of the shopping center, the existing traffic intensity was calculated and the intensity was calculated for the future. To regulate traffic, traffic light objects have been designed and access roads have been expanded. Additionally, the general plan of the facility provides for the placement of a public catering facility such as MC drive. Due to the use of LSTK profiles, the metal consumption of the object has been reduced by 1.3 times. By using special temperature calculations of parameters in case of fire and calculations of evacuation of people from the building, the customer saved funds on smoke removal systems and fire protection of load-bearing elements.

To improve the parameters of the energy efficiency of the facility and save the consumption of natural gas, during the operation of the boiler house (the power of the boilers was reduced by 30%), the calculations of the temperature fields of 3D non-uniform enclosing structures were made and materials with the required parameters for thermal conductivity were used.

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