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The design of buildings and structures is a complex technological and creative process. We know everything about it, but never stop improving our skills. The design organization "Basic Project" ltd. provides a wide range of services in this area.

Do you need to build a high-rise building, carry out a complete renovation of a factory or to design a shopping center from scratch? Are you a legal entity or a government organization?

Do you have no knowledge in architecture and construction? Don’t worry. That’s not a problem for us. Our activity covers the whole niche of industrial and civil construction.

We’ve designed the Exhibition Complex for the Trade Industry Chamber, modernized the courthouse of Frunzensky District in Minsk, built many neighborhoods, offices, schools in the and outside the city.

For more than 10 years the company has been engaged in architectural and design activities and has been building such objects as:

The services of Basic Project, ltd. include:

Complex project support – it is a work “on a turn-key basis”.

Our specialists will lead the design project from the beginning to the end. From the draft to the obtaining of all the necessary requirements for its implementation.

Pre-design work - imply the development of pre-design documentation, the feasibility study of construction and all the engineering surveys.

At the initial stage, the approximate scope of work and its estimated cost will already be identified. And the most important is that they will prevent you from collecting necessary permits for construction or reconstruction.

Development of a work plan - according to the current legislation, it is impossible to start the construction without this plan.

It consists of all needed information for the customer and the contractors: construction planning, deadlines, schedule for the supply of materials, work and rest schedules, etc.

Design work is the direct design of construction or reconstruction facilities.

It is a complex process that cannot be implemented without the professionals. Everything is taken into account: from the comfort and safety of the construction owners to the saving of the customer's budget and optimizing the timing of work. Design work includes sketches, approvals, expertise, design estimates, implementation of innovative solutions, etc.

Engineering networks – are the so-called "conveniences".

Any building is not “suitable for life" without heating, gas supply, ventilation, water supply, sewerage, power supply, communication networks and others. All these conveniences are required at the design stage, as they are necessary for people’s lives and health.

Design projects - development of the external and internal appearance of the structure, considering its functionality.

Design projects are not just attractive pictures, but also precise instructions for builders to implement. Our designers have not only a delicate sense of taste, but they also have all needed excellent skills and programs to create your dream project.

Architectural supervision - supervision of the contractor's actions

We lead your project at all stages of construction and make sure that there are no violations within the law and project documentation during the construction process.

Calculation of traffic intensity, design of the intelligent transport systems is the organization of traffic near the future facility; it also considers the rapid development of technologies and the durability of the building.

Audit and adaptation of project documentation – is an analysis of all the construction documents.

Do you want to know if a contractor or a designer defrauds you or not? Is the project documentation drawn up correctly? Does it comply with legal regulations? Will this facility be profitable in the future? All these questions will be answered by our professional auditors.

To choose us means to choose the long-term experience on the design work market. Their result is confirmed not only by numerous quality certificates, reviews of satisfied customers, but also by the real buildings and structures. When working with the "Basic Project", you can be sure that the project documentation meets all the legislative norms and requirements. We offer transparent price, ensure the timeliness and provide our clients with an integrated approach.

Come to us with a wild fantasy, and get its real materialization!Want to order a design, but still have unanswered questions? Feel free to call us at +375(17)308-79-41 or fill out the form below.

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