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The design organization “Basic Project”, ltd. was founded in 2007. Today it is at the forefront of the innovative and technological process of the construction industry. The company carries out architectural and design activities in the field of industrial and civil construction. It develops projects of various buildings and structures and of any complexity.

Every site is important for us, whether it is a modest country house or a gorgeous five-story cottage, a small food store or a huge shopping center. Behind them, we see, first of all, not structures but people and organizations that need our help to realize their dreams.

If you come to us, you will definitely get the attention to details and your wishes, to safety and functionality of your future building! Professional team of engineers, designers and architectors, supported by the most modern technologies, will create an exclusive building design within a reasonable time frame. Moreover, our experts will supervise it from obtaining the initial-permissive documentation and precise monitoring of the construction process to commissioning. Cooperation with Basic Project, Ltd. is an option for those who value their time, reliability and professionalism.

List of benefits

Constructions of any complexity

We design buildings for cozy private and apartment buildings, modern train stations and schools, comfortable neighborhoods and offices, modern shopping centers, supermarkets, industrial complexes and others. All this works are carried out from the ground up to 100% readiness. Our portfolio speaks for itself.

Quality assurance

We don’t let our clients go cruising. So, it is possible and even necessary to shift all the preoccupations related to design and construction on our shoulders. We will independently find and collect all the documentation, select all options of advantageous contractors, take care of all engineering solutions and of the environment. We will draw up applications for the purchase of the most appropriate materials, control their delivery and all the technical process of the construction, after that we will test the obtained result by all accounts.

Simplicity of cooperation

Our experts are progressive guys who are not alien to both a creative approach to design and a standard approach of any issue. Everything depends on the client’s requirements and wishes. Don't worry, it will be easy to find a common ground and an adequate solution with our experts.

Benefit for the client

Our clients know the project cost at an early stage. We don’t lure our clients with one price, and at the end shock them with the three times higher one. We protect our reputation and your mental balance!

Our command

Andrey Nos



Yana Anikeeva

Chief Accountant


Tatiana Prudnikova



Vladimir Volkov

Chief Engineer


Alexey Babok

Chief Project Engineer


Anatoli Tatsyanka

Chief Project Engineer


Andrey Divinets

Chief Project Engineer


Vasily Dubina

Chief Project Engineer


Denis Polovinko

Chief Project Engineer


Dmitry Mashkarev

Head of the design department


Alexey Marukovich

Head of the architectural department


Vitaly Gurvich

Head of the electrical department



Сertificate of state registration of a commercial organization

Сertificate of conformity (ISO)

certificate of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Сertificate of conformity

Сertificate of conformity

Сertificate of conformity

Ministry of Emergency Situations license

Ministry of Internal Affairs license

Self-regulatory organization in Russia

State license


State Enterprise "UKS of the Frunzensky District of Minsk city"

“The State Enterprise "UKS of the Frunzensky district of Minsk expresses its gratitude to OOO "Basic project". The project was completed with high quality, on time and in accordance with the technical legal acts of the Republic of Belarus. OOO "Basic Project" has shown a high level of professionalism and good organization of work.”

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OAO "Peleng"

“OAO "Peleng" expresses its gratitude to the employees of OOO "Basic Project" for the work performed on the development of pre-project (pre-investment) documentation. The design work of the facility was carried out at a high professional level in full and in compliance with all the required deadlines. OOO Basic Project can be considered as a reliable and experienced design partner.”

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ISUP "Beijing Uni BelConstruction Group"

“ISUP "Beijing Uni BelConstruction Group", expresses gratitude and appreciation to OOO "Basic project" for the timely and high-quality implementation of design work. OOO "Basic Project" showed an effective organization of the production process, competence, individual approach and flexibility in resolving non-standard situations. The work of OOO Basic Project meets high technological requirements and ensures the completion of the facility on time.”

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ООО "Game World Limited"

“ OOO "GameWorld Limited" expresses its gratitude to OOO "Basic Project" for the development of design documentation, completed on time and at a high professional level.”

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RUP «Izdatel'stvo «Belblankavyd»

“RUP "Belblankavid" Publishing House expresses gratitude to you and your employees for organizing and conducting design and survey work in relation to general construction, engineering and finishing works. During the design and survey work, the design organization OOO "Basic Project" demonstrated optimal professionalism, high qualifications of performers , technological literacy and proper quality of work.”

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ZAO "Yunifud"

“ZAO "Unifud" expresses its gratitude to the employees of OOO "Basic Project" for the work performed on the development of design documentation. All work was performed in compliance with building codes, rules and regulations. ZAO "Unifud" recommends this company as a reliable partner for the implementation of design work to other organizations.”

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OOO "Viber Media"

“OOO "Viber Media" expresses gratitude to the employees of OOO "Basic Project" for the work performed on the development of design documentation.The design work of the facility was carried out at a high professional level in full and in compliance with all required deadlines.We recommend OOO "Basic Project" as a reliable and experienced design partner.”

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“"CITIC CONSTRUCTION Co., LTD" expresses its gratitude to OOO "Basic Project"”

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OOO «Kompaniya «Russkij les»

“With this letter OOO «Kompaniya «Russkij les» addresses the employees of the design organization OOO “Basic project” with gratitude and sincere respect.”

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OOO «Atrioni»

“OOO "Atrioni" expresses gratitude to the employees of OOO "Basic Project" for the work performed on the development of design documentation for the object”

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