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Complex project support

The implementation and development of construction projects of buildings and structures is a process that requires high expenses, material costs and intellectual resources. It is extremely difficult to take into account all the nuances of the project without specialist support. Therefore, business owners who are not experts in the build and facility reconstruction area, but who strive to interact with all contractors and manage all the processes by themselves, often face serious problems.
But much more effective is to leave this task to professionals! Our company provides a full range of services for the launch of the designed construction project. Qualified specialists will help you to:

Ordering a comprehensive support service for a construction project, you may not care about the legal, economic and technical construction issues. Organized and well-coordinated work of the team will significantly reduce the time and budget of the project and increase its quality at the same time. You won't waste your time and money looking for investors, lawyers or staff!

Comprehensive support significantly facilitates the construction, reconstruction or

design of civilian and industrial buildings. You can always contact our specialists and express your wishes. Still have questions? Call the "Basic Project" at +375(17)308-79-41 or fill out the form below!

Cost and terms of design work


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Why we?

The work of "turnkey"

- Provision of options for building plots;
- Engineering services;
- Design;
- Construction;
- Financial instruments of construction;
- Legal support of construction;
- Certification of imported technological equipment.

Highly qualified staff

Thanks to the number of employees and their expertise, we solve the tasks in the shortest possible time. Expert solutions in the design, allows you to effectively spend money for construction, thus saving considerable budgets.

Business processes

We have implemented and operate ERP and CRM systems in our company, which can significantly reduce the project implementation time and simplify communication with the customer


We offer accurate pricing and flexible payment options

Any questions? Make call!

Leave your number and email and we will call you back.


ООО «Компания «Русский лес» [ожидает перевода]

“Данным письмом ООО “Компания “Русский Лес” обращается к сотрудникам проектной организации ООО “Базовый проект” с благодарностью и искренним уважением.”

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ООО «Атриони» [ожидает перевода]

“ООО «Атриони» выражает благодарность сотрудникам ООО «Базовый проект» за выполненные работы по разработке проектной документации по объекту”

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